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Pen Lines and Materials

The necessary material used in drawing caricatures are few and inexpensive if we compare them to the tools of some of the professions such as surgery, etc. Hie student of caricaturing should procure a number of drawing pens in various siies. Gillotts drawing pens are perhaps the most widely used of all pens by cartoonists and pen apd mkarti m general- For drawing cartoons and caricatures stzejf are the ones moat usetk-Qther and styles of pens may be very useful espeaaU ljowl pomt ens for drawing heavy lines for the out' lines of cartoons. mtttTBook are reproduced a number of caricatures that were outlined with a lettering pen which enabled the artist to get an* effect markedly original These lettering pens may be had in many si es, and shaped with round, square or oblong nibs. Hie student, or, prospective student is advised to obtain some of these, because evory artist should learn to manipulate the lettering pen and brush in lettering. Nearly -all art work requires more or less hand...

Assignments and Suggestions

This final chapter of assignments is included to facilitate study of the principles of caricaturing explained and illustrated in the preceding chapters. The author knows from personal experience that it is much easier to study when one has definite assignments of work to be done. Although it is presumed that the majority of people who use this book will have had some practice in drawing, many will be beginners or at most, not far advanced, and it is especially difficult for the novice to study without a guide for his efforts. The amateur needs something of the professional's experience and imagination in the form of suggest tions to add to his own initiative in producing an original work of art both drawings and suggestions which he can grasp and follow. To a great extent the imagination must be developed. However this does not mean that some are not gifted with more imagination than others, but that whatever imaginative powers one has must be developed, just as a very talented artist...


Gothic Lettering Style

Lettering is necessary in most forms of commercial art. The student of Commercial Art, Cartooning, or Caricaturing should acquire some knowledge of this subject. Therefore, this short chapter is included so that the student may know the first steps in lettering. Oily the most important points in lettering can be treated here, for lettering is a long subject, enough for a book in itself. In fact there are many books published on lettering and the student is advised to obtain a good one on this subject and learn to do good lettering. For lettering you should have lettering pens in various si es and styles, black lettering ink, a T square for making vertical and horizontal guide lines, and pencils, paper, and other materials used for caricaturing.


Jesus Les Enfants Dessin

Quite often wash is used in caricaturing. For this technique, Lamp Black water color is used with a water color brush. First an outline drawing is made with a pen and black waterproof drawing ink on water color paper. Then the wash is applied with a camels hair brush. Additional washes are used for the darker parts, and an effort is made to blend the two values. The caricaturing of animals should be learned along with the caricaturing of the human form. Cartoons of animals are frequently used in newspaper drawings especially political cartoons, in which they are employed as symbols of political parties, or of the various nations of the World. Practically the same rules used in caricaturing the human body are used in caricaturing animals. The greatest difference is that of form. As in the case of the human form, the forms of animals are exaggerated the most prominent features being accentuated most. Action and expression are also exaggerated. The expressions of animals are practically...

Dave Nestlers Sketchy Details

There was something really satisfying about completing the pencils for this sketchbook First it was returning to a medium that I hadn't worked in since art school. Oh sure, there's been the occasional sketch of a dog. baby, or family member around the holidays. And I tend not to include drawing caricatures on the boardwalk in Venice Beach for beer money a medium. Second, being able to complete a finished piece of work in a very short period of time was very fulfilling as opposed to the weeks and even months it takes to complete a painting. But most satisfying was watching the improvement I made from the first to the last sketches included in this book. Even with my long functioning nearsightedness on the downward slide and a deterioration of my mental capacity. I guess it's true what they say about old dogs.

Starting with circles

Big Spectacles Cartoon Characters

Drawing a classic cartoon body begins with sketching a basic shape, either a circle or an oval, and building on it. Classic cartoon characters are often kids, and in real life, kids often have disproportionately large heads. In the world of comics you always exaggerate the obvious when caricaturing your subject, so in this section I show you how to start with a large circle for the head to make your character come to life.

Drawing Porkins

Star Wars Ewok Drawings

One of the greatest things about drawing is that you can express your ideas, or how you see things anyway you want, Martinez explains. I love to draw caricatures, which are humorous portraits with exaggerated features. Caricatures are fun because they make people laugh, and it lets me express my silly side.