Making Use Of Photographs To Study Drapery Of Clothes

The thousands of photos found in newspapers and magazines are all for your use to assist you in your study of drapery. The plan which I followed is—

STEP ONE:—Tear a photograph of a clothed figure out of a magazine or newspaper.

STEP TWO:—Make a simple but accurate drawing of the figure with a colored pencil. It is advisable to keep this drawing in simple solids, making sure that the cylindrical forms are shown in their correct relation in space—that is, to show that they are coming forward or going back, raised or lowered, as may be indicated by your photograph.

STEP THREE:—Then, with black pencil, draw in the clothes, paying particular attention to the direction of the folds caused by action of the figure.

Since these drawings are made to increase your knowledge of clothing and drapery—do them as accurately as possible.

Remember, you are not trying to improve or correct the photograph—you are simply making studies to gather more and more knowledge of drapery and the appearance of clothing on figures in action. You always go to nature (either drawing direct from the model or from photos) for knowledge and you then study the work of artists to understand how knowledge may be designed, or in other words—used most effectively. It might be helpful to analyze the clothed figures in magazine illustrations to see how the artist used the knowledge of drapery in designing the folds of the clothes to make the action of the figure attractive and easy to understand.

Drawing Drapery Lessons

crushed crush

Drawing Drapery Lessons



crush notice the FOLDS of the skirt pausing- over the upper leg-(primarv surface of support) to the lower leg-(second~ arv surface op support) and from there to the. floor,


Lesson Drawing Drapery

the folds of the sleeve orig-in ate at the seann and pull toward the upper surface of originate at the. arm pit and pull toward twe back. V .

notice dire of folds pulling fron\ the buttocks (a) and from thfc-raised knee (b)

crush crush pull notice the coat'crushed'

ag-ainst tms neck

Manga Clothes Drawing

the PHOTO f shown be-low/ was the model from which this drawing* was made« make drawings from PHOTOs that you wiul find every day in news papers and magazines.

folds \\ lower sleeve pull' from \ crushed' against the front of \ table . the armpit diagonally to the supporting-surface £back).

"pull from elbow.

slight pull from bent knee slight pull from bent knee

Drawing Drapery Lessons


Drawing Drapery Lessons
trousers hang fre.e. prom the leg- fron\ point x. see abovel.

the crease op trousers palls ¡h a similar manner to the string- of a plumb line with the weig+it _ resting on the growno, (§) the weightcplumb bob) suspended above the. g-round. gravity pulls the string- straight oowh



notice that the folds break' to define the top, side/ and back surfaces of the pi g-ure - see the

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