On center OC

Original ORIG

Outside diameter 00

Outside radius *. OR

Over-all OA

Parallel PAR.

Part PT

Pattern PATT

perpendicular - PERP

Piece PC

Pitch P

Pitch diameter PD

Plastic PLSTC

Point PT

Quadrant QUAD

Quantity QTY

Radial RAD

Radius R

Ream RM

Recommend RECM

Rectangle RECT

Reference REF

Required RQO

Revise REV

Revolutions per minute RPM

Right RT

Right hand RH

Riser R

Rivet RIV

Rockwell hardness RH

Rough RGH

Round RD

Sand blast SD BL

Schematic SCHEM

Screw SCR

Section SECT

Semifinished SF

Series SER

Set screw SS

Shaft SFT

Sheet SH

Shop order SO

Society of Automotive Engineers SAE

Specification SPEC

Spherical SPHER

Spot faced SF

Spring SPG

Square SQ

Stainless steel SST

Stamp STP

Standard STD

Steel STL

Steel casting STL CS

Stock STK

Straight STR

Structural STR

Substitute SUB

Surface SUR


Symbol STfM

Symmetrical SYM

Tangent TAN.

Taper TPR

That is IE

Tbicfc THK

Thread TttD

Threads per inch.. TPI

Tolerance TOL

Tool steel TS

Tooth T

Typical TYP

United States Standard USS

Vertical VERT

Volume VOL

Washer WASH.

Weight WT

Width w

Wire w

Wood WD

woodruff WDF

Wrought iron WI

6. Abbreviations

When working in shops and with blueprints and shop drawings, you will be exposed to a great number of abbreviations. It is important that you understand what each of these abbreviations represents. The abbreviations are contained in table 1 (on the previous 3 pages).

7. Conclusion

This concludes our discussion of shop terms, abbreviations, and dimensioning elements. In the next task, we will interpret a shop drawing.

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