Step 1. Draw an arc of radius O-A, using point O as a center, such that it intersects point A and an extension of line Y-O-X (view B).

Step 2. Draw a straight line between points X and B (view B).

Step 3. Draw arc X-2 as shown in view B.

Step 4. Define the intersection of arc (X-2) and line X-B as point 3 (figure 34, view B, on the previous page).

Step 5. Bisect line 3-B and draw the bisect line so that it intersects an extension of the line X-O-Y. Define this intersection as point 5 (view C).

Step 6. Define the intersection of the bisect line and line O-B as point 4 (view C).

Step 7. Using point 5 as center, draw an arc of radius 5-X as shown in view C. Also draw an arc of radius 4-B as shown in view C. These two arcs will generate half of the ellipse. Draw the other half by symmetry (view D).

4. Conclusion

In this task, we covered drafting instruments and the fundamentals of geometric construction. In the next task, we will discuss the theory and fundamentals of pictorial drawings: oblique and isometric projection.

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