(4) Drawing Zones. Large drawings are divided into zones similar to those used on a map. Letters are used to define the horizontal zones and numbers are used to define the vertical zones. Figure 93 (on the previous page) illustrates a zoned drawing. Zone numbers are usually written in boxes with the letter over the number.

(5) Drawing Notes. Drawing notes are written instructions that are included as part of a drawing. They are written because they cannot be drawn (for example, heat treating or finishing instructions). Figure 88 (on page 101) includes a note that defines the torquing requirements of the assembly.

d. A Drawing Detail. A drawing detail is a special kind of partial drawing. It is used to enlarge a specific part of a drawing that is too small or too complicated to be completely understood if only shown in its actual size. Figure 94 is an example of a drawing that includes a drawing detail.

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