Figure Oblique Drawing Problem With A Rounded Surface

Oblique Drawing

Figure 64 (on the following page) is the solution and was derived by performing the following stets:

Step 1. To the best of your ability, make a freehand sketch of the solution (view A).

Step 2. Using very light lines, lay out a rectangular box whose height, width, and length corresponds to the height, width, and length given in the orthographic views. In this example, a basic cylinder shape was substituted for the rectangular shape (views B, C, and D).

Step 3. Using very light lines, lay out the specific details of the object. In this example, the round portions of the object are all positioned so that they appear in the front view or in views parallel to the front view. This positioning makes the object easier to draw (views E and F).

Step 4. Erase all excess lines and smudges, check your work, and draw in all lines to their final color and configuration (view G).

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  • alvaro
    How to apply crash glass to rounded surface?
    7 years ago

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