Dimensioning Using Unidirectional System

Unidirectional System Dimensioning

f. Oblique Sectional Views. Figure 66 (on the following page) illustrates a full-oblique sectional view, and figure 67 (on the following page) illustrates a halfoblique sectional view. Oblique sectional views are drawn in the same sectional views are drawn. Since the only difference between the two sectional views is the defining axis system, the information given in paragraph 2f, page 63, may also be applied to oblique sectional views.

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  • Norm Crawford
    The views might be fine, but I hope the dimensioning and tolerancing in a detailed view will be much better than that. Nominal dimensioning is fine, but sooner or later there should be tolerances. I will be happy to help.
    8 years ago
  • theodore
    What is the different between isometric and oblique projections?
    7 years ago

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