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A feature film must be one hour ten minutes long, minimum. At ninety feet of film projected every minute, there are 6300 feet to be animated. However, most Disney films were about ten minutes longer, totaling 7200 feet.

Ten feet a week was the average output of an animator on this type of action; some did more, some less. The crew usually had ten men who could do this.

Ten men doing ten feet a week would take 72 weeks to do 7200 feet. Add to that holidays, vacations, winter colds, a touch of flu, slumps, mistakes, and a scene or two that has to be done over: 78 weeks



There are six months of research before the film goes into production. There is one year of work on story, planning, styling, experimenting, and recording before animation is begun.

Animation takes a year and a half.

Six months follow-up time needed for clean up, color, music, camera, etc.

Grand total: three years six months, if there arc no catastrophes. (Twenty animators doing fifteen feet a week could do it in six months—but there are not twenty animators who can do even ten feet a week!)

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