The Uses of Live Action in Drawing Humans and Animals

"This is a very important thing. There are so many people starling in on this, and they might go hay-wire if they don't know how to use this live action in animating." Walt Disney

Our term "live action" refers here to the filming of actors (or animals) performing scenes planned for cartoon characters before animation begins, as compared to "regular animation." which develops entirely from an artist's imagination. The direct use of live action film has been part of the animation industry for years— as an aid to animation, a companion to animation, and even as a replacement for animation. From time to time, almost every studio has fallen back on a strip of live film to perfect a specific action animators were not able to capture. At the Disney studio, filmed action of humans and animals was used in many ways to do many jobs, and it led to some important discoveries. Live action could dominate the animator, or it could teach him. It could stifle imagination, or inspire great new ideas. It all depended on how the live action was conceived and shot and used.

In the early 1930s, animators drew from the model regularly, but as the necessity grew for more intricate movement and convincing action in our films, this type of static study quickly became inadequate. We had to know more, and we had to draw better to accomplish what Walt Disney wanted. Some new way had to be found for an artist to study forms in movement, and

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