The Team

The basis of the Disney method of making a film always has been team effort, where constant discussion and daily arguments replace rigid procedures. Walt realized that each person connected with the film had to feel that what he did was the element that made it all work. This meant keeping everyone involved in the searching and the trying and the evaluating that went on through the whole production. Walt summed it up very simply, "Everyone has to contribute, or they become laborers."

Frank Lloyd Wright once was trying to pinpoint the blame for something he did not care for in one of our films. When we explained that we all shared in the responsibility since we worked so democratically, he snorted, "Democracy! That's not democracy—that's MOB-ocracy!" It is true that many artists cannot adapt their talents to the group effort. Highly specialized ideas are nearly always beaten to the ground, with preference given to more solid entertainment, since the base must be as broad as our audience. Personal preferences succumb to the majority rule, or the director, or the producer, but in the exchange of ideas there is a stimulation that no individual could generate in himself. Our procedures tried to make the best use of this collaboration by adding constant opportunities for it to flourish.

Disney Facial Expressions

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