Walt wanted to "find" his characters before going ahead with other story sequences or even the experimental animation, so the production unit began searching for voices as one of its first assignments. By this time, we all knew the type of character we wanted in our story, but to find the precise voice that made him just right was always a very demanding process. For

Geppetto we had wanted a gruff, crotchety old man, who had a heart of gold but was accustomed to having his own way since he lived alone with only his pets and his dreams. On the story boards this had seemed ideal. There was warmth revealed in his inner feelings and humor in his put-on crankiness. The perfect voice belonged to the character actor Spencer Charters, and

Gippetto Disney



Our first Geppett chio had many a tics of Doc, the. in Snow White, i combined with tl appearance of who did the vo we switched to a a completely nev emerged.

Temporary models of Geppetto

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