Fantasia Rite Of Spring

Drawings for the splash of { i a single raindrop in the i passing storm in Bambi reflect study and observation by the effects animator.

animator: Paul KoSSoff— "Rite of SpringFantasia.

Imagination in both design and movement was needed for this scene of lava Jlowing down the primordial landscape.

Disney Animation Paul Kossoff

artist Jules Engel— ' 'Rite of Spring.9 9 Fantasia animator Ed Aardal— "Rite of Spring." Fantasia.

Aardal The Rite Spring

artist Jules Engel— ' 'Rite of Spring.9 9 Fantasia

The "Rite of Spring" in Fantasia called for mist, rain, smoke, wind, water, falling rocks, fire, and flowing lava. Just four years earlier, none of these effects could have been animated convincingly.

animator Ed Aardal— "Rite of Spring." Fantasia.

There was no way to study volcanic eruptions in prehistoric times, but this outstanding scene was created from inspirational sketches and suggestions of raw power in Stravinsky's music.

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