nation of these four men that helped Walt set a course that would take Disney films to heights never dreamed of: the creation of characters that reached out to audiences in a way only a few live-action pictures ever achieved.

However, it is conjecture to say that the big development in Disney animation came just from the chance combination of Walt, Fergy, Ham, Fred, and Bill. But because these men were put in positions of authority, they automatically had certain responsibilities thrust upon them that opened opportunities others may not have had. Their chances for greatness certainly were increased.

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Dave Hand believes that Walt would have come up with basically the same type of picture no matter which top animators he had chosen to lead off. Wilfred Jackson felt the same way: "It is my opinion that if Walt had started at some different place at the same time with a different bunch of guys, the result would have been more or less along the same lines, because I think Walt had a real firm hand on the tiller. There may be some things that some of the guys brought out which showed possibilities to Walt that he took advantage of that spread the gospel and the rest of us picked up. but really talented guys in other directions could have given him a similar thing I believe, because he really set the course. He was always out there and we were trying to catch up."

Walt gave inspiration with his acting and storytelling, and his animators came up with the elements that brought about the Golden Age of animation. It is doubtful whether the warmth and the tenderness and the heart would have appeared in the pictures without this combination. Without these men it would have been a different Snow White—if the picture would have been made at all. But Walt drew out of each man what he could, and then continued to build on that contribution, always asking for more. He was opportunistic, in a way, in his ability to use what a man had to offer,

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