Fred Moore never did get to be a big guy, and when he was young he was much smaller than his brothers. They would all play baseball together, and, of course, they always made Fred play in the outfield and never gave him a chance at bat. Finally, his mother made the brothers let the little guy bat. But the first ball went over his head, and the second one came along the ground; each time they would yell, "Strike!" The third pitch was thrown behind him. "Strike three, you're out!" Fred would get so mad he could eat dirt.

However, his brothers did not know what they were missing, because Fred really was a good athlete. Ten years later, when Fred was at Disney's, he was known as "the most coordinated guy in the studio." According to Wilfred Jackson, "He used to do all these gymnastics. Fred could knock the ball clear out of the field where we were playing." But he took a lot of kidding about his size. Ham Luske was just enough bigger than Fred to call him "squirt." He liked to get Fred to stand back to back with him so they could measure. Even when Fred wore his thickest shoes, he was still looking up at the other fellows.

Brave Little Tailor And The Giant

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