Experimental Animation

With the voices recorded and the lead story sequence approved in the story reel, it becomes time to start the experimental animation. The term is misleading in some ways. It means thatNa supervising animator will now take these ingredients along with the suggestions for the appearance of the main characters and, putting it all together, see if he can come up with a personality that comes to life on the screen and is interesting enough to hold the picture together.

The sequence that is chosen for the first story work involves the main characters coming together in an interesting situation. For instance, the first sequence of Pinocchio was the one in which all the characters are introduced in Geppetto's house. The action here is subdued enough so that everyone can observe the appearance of these new figures, and there are enough personality traits apparent in what they "do to show who they are and how they act.

Some animators prefer to start with the acting, revealing the personality of the new character through what he does and leaving the refinement of his appearance until they know him better. Others feel just as strongly that the appearance is primarily a drawing problem that must be conquered before any acting or movement is attempted. Animators, like artists and actors everywhere, are all different, and they each have to find their own approach to their work. Much of the strength of the studio actually has come from just these differences in the individual animators, which

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