Character Model Department

In the mid-thirties, no model sheet of the characters was official until it bore the seal. "OK. J.G." Joe Grant, artist, writer, designer, and. at one time, producer, was the studio authority on the design and appearance of nearly everything that moved on the screen, and his taste and judgment were largely responsible for the pleasing style that identified the Disney product during that period. He collected under his wing, in the Character Model Department, a strong group of very talented artists who made inspiring and stimulating sketches of all the new characters being considered.

Joe's drawings were done predominantly in soft pastels, but his crew could handle every dramatic and flashy medium known to artists. This was always a source of annoyance, and envy, to the animators, who were restricted to line drawings and flat color. Joe seemed to have an endless supply of lovely sketches in his pockets, suggesting a niccr effect, a softer look, a more interesting shape, and Walt asked repeatedly.

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