The Cutting And Continuity

Be familiar with the whole sequence so you will know just how your scene fits in. With the director and the layout men:

1. Plan carefully which character you will have your camera on to get the most entertainment.

2. Flan when to use a two-shot, a long shot, or a close-up.

3. Look for opportunities to get depth and perspective and avoid too many scenes in a row that are flat-on.

4. Try to change angle when it is possible or logical. but do not do anything to confuse the viewers.

5. Do not pick an angle that is tough to draw just to be doing something different; it will take longer to animate and will not be as effective. Choose the angle that is most helpful for your business. Example:

Pic Disney Robin Hood

artist: Ollie Johnston— Robin Hood.

Robin Hood, disguised as a gypsy fortune-teller, is trying to capture Prince John's interest. Little John, behind the curtains, puts fireflies into a glass container to make a glowing, mystical crystal ball from the spirit world.

Disney Animation Backdrop Drawings


6OMC spiers

Disney Animation Background Drawings

jpssmy-Mzh1 ssz

Disney Animation Sequences

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