Snow White Drawings

Check all layouts for the scale you need in a picture. Examine your sequence for "pictorial** shots that will remind you of the size of the characters you are animating. The scale of the characters to the things around them, and to each other, is an important part of making them believable, as well as giving them charm and appeal.


artist Ward Kimball—Cinderella. Long diagonal pan accentuates the scale.

Disney Snow White SketchesDisney Animation Thumbnails

artist Bill Tytla— Brave Little Tailor.

artist: Ollie Jo Robin Hood.

Page of drawings to the best way to show Hood as a gypsy p over the edge of a ball.

4. Solve Special Drawing Problems

Be sure you can communicate your idea and not be stopped by insurmountable drawing problems. Work them out in thumbnails or full size, but do not proceed until they are solved.

Snow White Drawings

artist: Mi The 5v

Snow White tic 'i of Dopey show height, Ihadow. and

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