This book belongs to the people, past and present, of Walt Disney Productions, whose cooperation and assistance made it all possible. Special thanks must go to the executives E. Cardon Walker. Ron Miller, and Vince Jefferds, for without their continued support over the four long years we spent putting it together, this book would never have been written.

We wish to thank the many departments who were more helpful than their jobs required. In alphabetical order, they are: the Animation Research Team, under Leroy Anderson, who stored the artwork from each picture in the basement "catacombs"; in Archives, Dave Smith and Paula Sigman, who tracked down information, checked names and dates and spellings and titles and locations; Art Props, whose skills and knowledge in salvaging and presenting materials were invaluable; the ladies in Ink and Paint who furnished us with incredible work on the eels; the dedicated staff in the Library; the crew in Merchandising and Publications, and Don MacLaughlin in particular; the cooperative men in Still Camera and their indomitable leader Dave Spencer. We are indebted to them all. We also are grateful for the encouragement received, in November 1979, from Diane Disney Miller's warm response to our manuscript in its first complete form.

We were very fortunate to have for our editor the patient and scholarly Walton Rawls. His sensitive contributions showed a remarkable understanding of our purposes that was both reassuring and appreciated. Our thanks also go to our sympathetic publisher Robert E. Abrams, whose personal interest in the project and determination to make a quality book of our writings and sketches inspired us to an even more critical approach to our work.

The day after Walt died, Woolie Reitherman said, "From this day on it will never be like it was, but only as each person remembers it." We want to express our appreciation to the following people who helped us remember the way it was:

Ed Aardal

Bill Justice

James N. Algar

Glen Keane

Ken Anderson

Richmond (Dick) Kelsey

William Anderson

Katherine Kerwin

Xavier Atencio

Betty Kimball

Art Babbitt

Ward Kimball

Ted Berman

Eric Larson

Al Bertino

Fini Littlejohn

Carleton (Jack) Boyd

Ann Lloyd

Roger Broggie

Mrs. Ham (Frankie) Luske

Bob Broughton

Eustace Lycett

Les Clark

Jim Macdonald

Ron Clements

Bob McCrea

Larry Clemmons

Bill McFadden

Claude Coats

Bob Mcintosh

Evelyn Coats

Dave Michener

Ed Cook

Clarence Nash

Bill Cottrell

Grim Natwick

Art Cruickshank

Maurice Noble

Jack Cutting

Cliff Nordberg

Marc F. Davis

Ken O'Brien

Lou Debney

Ken O'Connor

Al Dempster

Dale Oliver

Don Duck wall

Bill Peet

Becky Fallbcrg

Ken Peterson

Vance Gerry

Elmer Plummer

Blaine Gibson

Martin Provensen

George Goepper

Wolfgang Reitherman

Floyd Gottfredson

Leo Salkin

Joe Grant

Milt Schaffer

Don Griffith

Ben Sharpsteen

Betty Ann Guenther

Mel Shaw

Dave Hand

Art Stevens

Ed Hansen

Sandy Strother

T. Hee

Herb Taylor

John Hench

Mary Tebb

Dick Huemer

Ruthie Tompson

Wilfred Jackson

Tom Wilhite

Disney Animation Background Drawings

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