Types Of Dimensioning

Decimal dimensioning shall be used on drawings except where certain commercial commodities are identified by standardized nominal designations, such as pipe and lumber sizes.

1.6.1 Millimeter Dimensioning. The following shs.ll be observed where specifying millimeter dimensions on drawings:

(a) Where the dimension is less than one millimeter. a zero precedes the decimal point. See Fig. 1-2.

\b) Where the dimension is a whole number, neither the decimal point nor a zero is shown. See Fig. 1-2.

<c) Where the dimension exceeds a whole number by a decimal fraction of one millimeter, the last digit to the right of the decimal point is not followed by a zero. See Fig. 1-2.

NOTE: This practice differs for tolerances expressed bilaterally or as limits. See paras. 2.3.1(b) and (c).

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