fig. 1-47 knurls for press fits fig. 1-47 knurls for press fits Knurling Standard. For information on inch knurling, sec ANSI/ASME B94.6.

1.8.18 Rods and Tubing Details. Rods and tubing are dimensioned in three coordinate directions and toleranced using geometric principles or by specifying the straight lengths, bend radii, angles of bend, and angles of twist for all portions of the item. This may be done by means of auxiliary views, tabulation, or supplementary data.

1.8.19 Screw Threads. Methods of specifying and dimensioning screw threads are covered in ANSI Y14.6 and ANSI Y14.6aM.

1.8.20 Surface Texture. Methods of specifying surface texture requirements are covered in ANSI Y 14.36. For additional information, see ANSI/ ASME B46.1.

1.8.21 Gears and Involute Splines. Methods of specifying gear requirements are covered in the

ASME Y14.7 series of standards. Methods of specifying involute spline requirements are covered in the ANSI B92 series of standards.

1.8.22 Castings and Forgings. Methods of specifying requirements peculiar to castings and forgings are covered in ASME Y14.8M.

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