3.4.5 Two Single-Segment Feature Control Frames. The symbolic means of representing two single-segment feature control frames is shown in Fig. 3-22(b). Application of this control is described in para.

3.4.6 Combined Feature Control Frame and Datum Feature Symbol. Where a feature or pattern of features controlled by a geometric tolerance also serves as a datum feature, the feature control frame and datum feature symbol are combined. See Fig. 3-23. Wherever a feature control frame and datum feature symbol are combined, datums referenced in the feature control frame are not considered part of the datum feature symbol. In the positional tolerance example. Fig. 3-23, a feature is controlled for position in relation to datums A and B, and identified as datum feature C. Whenever datum C is referenced elsewhere on the drawing, the reference applies to datum C. not to datums A and B.

3.4.7 Feature Control Frame With a Projected Tolerance Zone. Where a positional or an orientation tolerance is specified as a projected tolerance zone, the projected tolerance zone symbol is placed in the feature control frame, along with the dimension indicating the minimum height of the tolerance zone. This is to follow the stated tolerance i

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