Fig Staggered Dimensions

succeeding parallel dimension lines should be not less than 6 mm. See Fig. 1-6.

NOTE: These spacingĀ» are intended as guides only. If the drawing meets the reproduction requirements of the accepted industry or military reproduction specification, nonconformance to these spacing requirements is not a basis for rejection of the drawing.

Where there are several parallel dimension lines, the numerals should be staggered for easier reading. See Fig. 1-7. Angle Dimensions. The dimension line of an angle is an arc drawn with its center at the apex of the angle. The arrowheads terminate at the extensions of the two sides. See Figs. 1-1 and 1-4. Crossing Dimension Lines. Crossing dimension lines should be avoided. Where unavoidable, the dimension lines are unbroken.

1.7.2 Extension (Projection) Lines. Extension lines are used to indicate the extension of a surface or point to a location preferably outside die pait outline. See para. 1.7.8. Extension lines start with a short visible gap from the outline of the part and extend beyond the outermost related dimension line. See Fig. 1-6. Extension lines are drawn perpendicular to dimension lines. Where space is limited, extension lines may be drawn at an oblique angle to clearly illustrate where they apply. Where oblique lines are used, the dimension lines are shown in the direction in which they apply. See Fig. 1-8. Crossing Extension Lines. Wherever practicable, extension lines should neither cross one another nor cross dimension lines. To minimize such crossings, the shortest dimension line is shown nearest the outline of the object. See Fig. 1-7. Where extension lines must cross other extension lines, dimension lines, or lines depicting features, they are not broken. Where extension lines cross arrowheads or dimension lines close to arrowheads, a break in the extension line is permissible. See Fig. 1-9. Locating Points. Where a point is located by extension lines only, the extension lines from surfaces should pass through the point. See Fig. 1-10.

1.7.3 Limited Length or Area Indication.

Where it is desired to indicate that a limited length

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