Fig Spherical Radius

dial relative to the arc. Where the radius dimension line is foreshortened and the center is located by coordinate dimensions, the dimension line locating the center is also foreshortened. True Radius. Where a radius is dimension^ in a view that does not show the true shape of the radius, TRUE R is added before the radius dimension. See Fig. 1-24. Multiple Radii. Where a part has a number of radii of the same dimension, a note may be used instead of dimensioning each radius separately. Spherical Radii. Where a spherical surface is dimensioned by a radius, the radius dimension is preceded by the symbol SR. See Fig. 1-25.

1.8.3 Chords, Arcs, and Angles. The dimensioning of chords, arcs, and angles shall be as shown in Fig. 1-26.

15.4 Rounded Ends. Overall dimensions are used for features having rounded ends. For fully rounded ends, the radii are indicated but not dimen-

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