Fig Repetitive Features

1.9.4 Polar Coordinate Dimensioning. Where polar coordinate dimensioning is used to locate features, a linear and an angular dimension specifies a distance from a fixed point at an angular direction from two or three mutually perpendicular planes. The fixed point is the intersection of these planes. See Fig 1-51.

1.9.5 Repetitive Features or Dimensions. Repetitive features or dimensions may be specified by the use of an X in conjunction with a numeral to indicate the "number of places" required. See Figs. 1-52 through 1-56. Where used with a basic dimension, the X may be placed either inside or outside the basic dimension frame. See Figs. 4-26 and 5-14. Series and Patterns. Features, such as holes and slots, that are repeated in a series or pattern, may be specified by giving the required number of features and an X followed by the size dimension of the feature. A space is used between the X and the dimension. See Figs. 1-52 through 1-56.

Dimensioning Slot

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