Fig Repetitive Features And Dimensions Spacing. Equal spacing of features in a series or pattern may be specified by giving the required number of spaces and an X, followed by the applicable dimension. A space is used between the X and the dimension. See Figs. 1-54 through 1-56. Where it is difficult to distinguish between the dimension and the number of spaces, as in Fig. 1-54, ore space may be dimensioned and identified as reference.

1.9.6 Use of X to Indicate "By." An X may be used to indicate "by" between coordinate dimensions as shown in Figs. l-35(b) and 1-42. In such cases, the X shall be preceded and followed by one character space.

NOTE: Where the practices described in paras. 1.9.5 and 1 9.6 are used on the same drawing, care must be taken to be sure each usage is clear.

2 General Tolerancing and Related Principles

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