Fig Intermediate Reference Dimension

Fig. 1-17. Where the intermediate dimensions are more important than the overall dimension, the overall dimension, if used, is identified as a reference dimension. See Fig. 1-18.

1.7.8 Dimensioning Within the Outline of a View. Dimensions are usually placed outside the outline of a view. Where directness of application makes it desirable, or where extension lines or leader lines would be excessively long, dimensions may be placed within the outline of a view.

1.7.9 Dimensions Not to Scale. Agreement should exist between the pictorial presentation of a feature and its defining dimension. Where a change to a feature is made, the following, as applicable, must be observed.

(a) Where the sole authority for the product definition is a hard copy original drawing prepared either manually or on an interactive computer graphics system, and it is not feasible to update the pictorial view of the feature, the defining dimension is to be underlined with a straight thick line.

(b) Where the sole authority for the product definition is a dataset prepared on a computer graphics system, agreement shall be maintained between the defining dimension and the graphics presentation of the feature, in all views. The defining dimension and the true size, location, and direction uf the feature shall always be in complete agreement.

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