Fig Fully Rounded Ends

sioned. See Fig. 1-27. For features with partially rounded ends, the radii are dimensioned. See Fig. 1-28.

1.8.5 Rounded Comers. Where corners are rounded, dimensions define the edges, and the arcs are tangent. See Fig. 1-29.

1.8.6 Outlines Consisting of Arcs. A curved outline composed of two or more arcs is dimensioned by giving the radii of all arcs and locating the necessary centers with coordinate dimensions. Other radii are located on the basis of their points of tangency. See Fig. 1-30.

1.8.7 Irregular Outlines. Irregular outlines may be dimensioned as shown in Figs. 1-31 and 1-32. Circular or noncircular outlines may be dimensioned by the rectangular coordinate or offset method. See

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