Fig Foreshortened Radii

arrowhead between the radius center and the arc, it may be placed outside the arc with a leader. Where the center of a radius is not dimensionally located, the center shall not be indicated. See Fig. 1-20. Center of Radius. Where a dimension is given to the center of a radius, a small cross is drawn at the center. Extension lines and dimension lines are used to locate the center. See Fig. 1-21. Where location of the center is unimportant, the drawing must clearly show that the arc location is controlled by other dimensioned features such as tangent surfaces. See Fig. 1-22. Foreshortened Radii. Where the center of a radius is outside the drawing or interferes with another view, the radius dimension line may be foreshortened. See Fig. 1-23. That portion of the dimension line extending from the arrowhead is ra

Spherical Radius Dimensioning

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