Fig Composite Positional Tolerancing Cf A Circular Pattern Of Features

plied to patterns of features on circular parts. See Fig. 5-22. With datum A repeated in the lower segment of the composite feature control frame. Figs. 5-22(c) and (d) shows the tolerance cylinders of the FRTZF displaced (as a group) from the basic locations within the bounds imposed by the PLTZF, while maintaining a perpendicularity relationship with datum plane A. Figure 5-23 shows two single-segment feature control frames. These are used where it is desired to establish a coaxiality relationship between the FRTZF and the PLTZF. Figure 5-23(c) shows that the FRTZF may rotate relative to the PLTZF. Figure 5-23(d) shows that the actual hole axes of the actual feature pattern must reside within both the tolerance cylinders of the FRTZF and the PLTZF.

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