Committee Personnel

A. R. Anderson, Trikon Corp.

T. D. Benoit. Alternate. Pratt b Whitney CEB

D. E. Bowarman, Copeland Corp.

J. V. Burleigh, The Boeing Co.

L. Burns

R. A. Chaddecdon, Southwest Consultants

F. A. Christiana, ASEA Brown Boveri Combustion Engineering Systems M. E. Curtis, Jr., Rexnord Corp.

R. W. DaBolt, Motorola Inc., Government and Space Technology Group H. L. Dubocq

C. J. Gomez, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

D. Hagler, E-Systems, Inc., Garland Division

C. G. Lance, Santa Cruz Technology Center

W. J. McGee, National Standards Educators Association

P. E. McKim, Caterpillar Inc.

E. Niemlac, Westinghouse Electric Corp. R. J. Poliui

D. L. Ragon, Deere 6 Company, John Deere Dubuque Works R. L Tennis, Caterpillar Inc.

R. P. Tremblay, U.S. Department of the Army, ARDEC R. K. Walker, Westinghouse Marine

G. H. WhKmire, TEC/TREND

K. E. Wiagandt, Sandia National Laboratory P. Wraada, E-Systems, Inc.


L W. Foster, Chairman, L W. Foster Associates, Inc.

D. J. Buchman, Vice Chairman, University of Cincinnati/GE Aircraft Engines

C. G. Lance, Vice Chairman, Santa Cruz Technology Center

A. R. Anderson, Secretary, General Motors Corp., Powertraln Dlvision/Trikon Corp.

T. D. Ban oft. Alternate, Pratt & Whitney CEB

0. E. Bowerman, Copeland Corp.

R. A. Chadderdon, Southwest Consultants

N. W. Cutlar, Polaroid Corp.

Q. P. Gooldy, GPG Consultants, Inc.

W. A. Haefele, Williams Creek Graphics

B. W. Haatficotta, Geometries Consulting A. M. Johnson, The Boeing Co.

E. L. Kardas, Pratt & Whitney CEB

K. S. King, Dahlgren Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center

T. C. Millar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

A. G. Neumann, Technical Consultants, Inc.

E. Nlemiec, Westinghouse Electric Corp.

J. M. Palmar, Jr., Garrett Turbine Engine Co.

D. L. Ragon, Deere & Company, John Deere Dubuque Works

D. W. Shaphard, Shepherd Industries/Northern Illinois University

G. S. Tofcunaga, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory R. P. Tremblay, U.S. Department of the Army, ARDEC

B. A. Wilson, McDonnell Douglas Corp. J. E. Winconek, Allied-Signal Aerospace

Y14/SC 5 Editing and Illustrations Group

L. S. Darcy, Herman Miller, Inc. R. M. Evans, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group C. W. Ferguson, Steelcase, Inc. A. L. Herpkh, Xerox Corp.

A. Krulikowski, General Motors Corp., Powertrain Division W. M. Stltes, Accratronics Seals Corp.

B. A. Wilson, McDonnell Douglas Corp. J. E. Winconek, Allied-Signal Aerospace P. Wreede, E-Systems, Inc.

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