Drawing Masculine Action Poses

Amazon Sonia's masculine traits are unusual among female fantasy figures, and provide a challenge to the artist who must show both her masculine and feminine side.

A Three-quarters from the front The relaxed facial expression and proud position of the head give the impression of a self-assured, perhaps slightly smug temperament.

Female Action PosesDrawing Masculine Action Poses

Stance Sonia's masculine stance can also be provocative.

action poses

None of Sonia's muscle groups stand out as larger than others, but because she is well-toned enough for most of them to be visible, you need to remember the whereabouts of all of them for each drawing!


The triceps are the main focus here—notice how each set is influenced by the position of the hand.


Wow! Just look at those huge quads! If you 're unsure which muscles will be flexing during a particular movement, perform it yourself and feel the way the muscles work. But don't try anything too dangerous!


Exaggerating the incline of the moving body can give the drawing more impact


When concentrating on the back, observe how numerous groups are visible in the lower back alone, and that the thick calves also have clearly defined muscles.

Gaunt Body SketchDrawing Muscles FlexingGaunt Body SketchDrawing Fat Figures

74 Myrddin the wizard

From the front This intense

Wizards aren't always scrawny and gaunt, and our wizard Myraddin proves it. He subverts our expectations while adapting some classic characteristics. He is accustomed to long, tough journeys and many years hunched over books. He has great stamina, little body fat, and a powerful muscularity often concealed beneath a cloak. This wizard's physical strength cannot be judged by the length of his beard or the lines on his face.

facial expressions

Deep wrinkles and luxuriant faciai hair characterize the wizard's

features. Furrows are deeply etched on the forehead and around the eyes. His expressions are sometimes stern, sometimes benign.

head-on portrait is given additional drama by the double light source. The slight arch of the eyebrows and opening mouth suggest a questioning aspect.

► From the left The wizard in a more thoughtful mood. The knitted brow and narrowed eyes suggest introspective musing. Profiles also highlight the large hooked nose.

T Looking down

Here he looks up at us through heavy eyebrows, with his expression perhaps suggesting an unwelcome interruption or a prelude to a warning.

< From the right This profile shows the wizard in a lighter mood. Almost closed eyes, clear laughter wrinkles, and bunched-up cheeks give a subtle impression of good humor.

Female Action Poses

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