Charybdis The Female Alien

Sketches Action Figures
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Line Action

The vertical line in each of these sketches is the line of action, which indicates the direction in which your figure should move, and gives the piece momentum and energy. The movement is normally through the legs and spine, but you can adapt it depending on your needs.


The wizard's powerful musculature, as displayed from the back.


The wizard's authority and power is conveyed through his posture and stance.

Triumphant u

Here we see the wizard in a classical, heroic mode. His right \ latissimus dorsi (lat) muscle is visible cutting across his torso, lending his figure tension.


In this preliminary sketch we can see the wizard's muscular chest and abdominal cavity His arms are slender but powerful, as are his legs.

portfolio picture ^

Martin McKenna Notice how the setting contributes a great deal to the figure's sense of character. This same character portrayed over a backdrop of a 1970's roller disco, for example, would give a distinctly less magical overall impression.

Heroic Pose FemaleChild Action PosesCharybdis Alien

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