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Because of the range of mobility of the trapezius it is important to use reference material when drawing such a well-built character. When wielding a sword, it will be necessary to pay attention to the arms—the flexors along the front of the arm, supinators, and extensors on the back of the forearm.

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Liam Sharp

Barbarians are in their element when shown in battle scenes. The background of carnage and destruction here only adds to the overall picture.

Space Battle Scenes Drawings
side left
Drawings Twisting Poses

For poses such as these it is helpfuf to begin by establishing a line of action, which is the direction your figure should move toward. It can be direct or twisted, but if you can visualize it from the outset it will give your drawings more energy and life. The line of action mainly runs through the legs and spine, but you can adapt it depending J, on the pose you want to portray. MfefP^


Sven throws a punch, and the body moves away from it, giving a nice stretch.


Socked in the jaw, Sven twists back from the punch, making an almost balletic movement. Never think that a muscle-bound character can't be graceful!

Three-quarters looking down

Looking slightly down, the expression can become more extreme, with the mouth turned down and the eyebrows more arched.

A From the side and to the back This angle shows the powerful neck muscles and jutting jaw.

Leaning forward

The line of action runs through the right leg to the head.

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