Female Fantasy Figures

female fantasy figures

Female fantasy heroes should look powerful and capable of great deeds of strength or daring, while retaining their feminine figure and disarming sexuality.

Fantasy Female StabbingFantasy Female StabbingFemale Action Poses Spear

A Stabbing

The arms are raised and the knuckles are pronounced, displaying the strength of their grip on the sword or spear. The breasts are slightly flattened because the body is stretched and ready to strike, but because this is a standing strike, one leg stands forward to balance the forward angle of the body which in turn slightly angles the line of the hips.

This is not an action pose, but it is still full of arrogance and confident threat. The leading leg is elegantly and coquettishiy extended, unbalancing the line of the hips, as the arms extend forward in strong, sure lines.

This is a beautifully balanced and elegant pose. The extended leg is long and straight and is at right angles to the staff, giving the character added balance and strength. The right arm balances the body as it leans forward, while the slope of the shoulders creates a diagonal almost parallel with the line of the leg. The staff is gripped with a strong hand, giving the pose a focal point. .^^t

How Draw Crouching Poses

Catwoman crouching

The slim arms are angular and poised for action, while the shoulders are much closer to the ground than the behind. The head lifts up, creating the impression of movement, further suggested by the hair, which trails slightly.


The shoulders are thrust back, the breast pushes forward, and the slim waist leads to the flare of the hips and a strong, balanced stance.

Action Poses Drawing Glaive Staff

1. The face is lifted slightly and looks in the direction of the leading leg.

2. The leg is straight and powerful, planted firmly on the ground and defining the direction of the character's gaze.

3. The arm is straight and at right angles to the line of the eyes, adding stability and strength to the composition.

4. The staff is held ready, giving a sense of impending action.

5. The stomach muscles are relaxed but slightly twisted to the side.

Nude Child Boys Muscles

Both the right arm and right leg extend fonA/ard to suggest stillness (movement is represented by simultaneous movement of opposing arms and legs), creating a diagonal hip line and strong leg shape. The left arm pulls backward, causing the shoulders to pull together.

Nude Child Boys Muscles

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