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muscles in action

Muscles Action

ft is essential to understand how muscles work in motion. Exciting art begins and ends with action, and to that end, bodies must be stretched and pulled into any number of realistically rendered positions. When in motion, muscles take on new shapes that are sometimes surprising: Some grow, some shrink, and others seem to appear as if from nowhere! Although a lot of attention is usually given to the obvious muscles, such as biceps, pectorals, and abdominals, lesser noticed muscles, such as the triceps and buttocks, become much more obvious when exerted.

in combat

In these images we see both defensive and offensive action. The male attacks with determined force, power, and direction. The female reacts by simultaneously moving away with her lower body while delivering a counterattack with her torso and arms.

5. Both these bodies are held taut and prepared for action by the front and back muscles of their torsos. The abdominal muscles are flexed and defined.

6. The upper and lower sets of arm muscles have the job of pulling and pushing against each other in order to bend and straighten the arm, while the biceps and triceps create the power to carry out forceful actions.

7. The muscles of the forearm are bunched as the hands grip the axe handle.

8. The deltoids are the primary source of power for the male's axe-weilding.

9. The vastus lateralis (back of the thigh) and gluteus maximus (buttock) muscles bulge, straining to counterbalance the weight of his axe. The bunched posterior thigh muscles will provide the drive and strength to power the next action.

When thrusting the bow forward, the power is delivered from the shoulder. Even when flexed straight, the triceps bulge.

The female has less angular definition than the male, and her form is much more rounded and smooth. Held out straight for balance, the muscles of the calf lie relatively fiat.

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