Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

Acai, Maqui And Many Other Popular Berries That Will Change Your Life And Health. Berries have been demonstrated to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Each month or so it seems fresh research is being brought out and new berries are being exposed and analyzed for their health giving attributes.

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The Small Seed Kristi Bridceman below

Produced as part of an environmental awareness exhibition, this painting aims to encourage tomorrows environmentalists by planting a small seed in the imagination, it was designed to appeal specifically to children, with strong lines, cartoon characters, and bright colors. Busy, happy fairies, watched by bees and ladyhugs. labor on this yrar's harvest, collecting seeds and berries. The drawing mas made in sepia ink mith mashes applied on top. both wet into wet and mvt on dry. I he fine veins in the m'ings were scratched out with a pin while the paint m'as still wet.

Work on a Blooming Stem

As the season progresses, look at seeds, pods, berries, nuts, cones anything you can find in your garden or any other garden, and draw those, too. The more you draw, remember, the more practice you get. Eventually, the shapes and forms will be remembered by your hand, familiar and easy to execute.

Going bananas for fruit and Veggies

Going to the grocery store now becomes a search for art supplies. All produce is fair game onions, berries, carrots, eggplants, and pineapples. Look for items that reflect light. Put them against ones that aren't shiny. Make groupings of like colors. Make groupings of vibrating colors. You think that everything has been done Not until you do it too. You'll make your own unique still life.

Denyse schmidt

Have a quirky, decidedly contemporary spin without even a hint of hobbystore saccharine. Her journal pages are dotted with tiny renderings of the quilts, roughhewn sketches in colored pencil. Filled with saturated hues, one book has the deep colors of a New England fall asters, cranberries, and pine. Another is summery and light with the colors of sherbet, lemonade, and babies' gingham blankets. Other pages comprise black-and-white sketches in which Schmidt works out the shapes of her quilts or drafts the prose she sometimes stitches into the pieces, such as Tomorrow is Another Day.