When Conception Has Been Ascertained

think of your paper surface as open space and not as a two dimensional surface as though you were looking through an open window.

THE ARTIST'S OBSERVATIONS,being recorded must convey character┬╗philosophy┬╗en" vironment.compounded with many other qualities all expressing from one source.

Construtive Drawing

INDIVIDUALITY.is applying correct shapes to represent the section or grouping and it must be present in the fabrication.

Check your visual measurements divided by the natural divisions and try to commit their presence to memory.

Human The Basic FormBasic Drawing Forms

THE BASIC FORM,relies wholly on the ists interpretation on the sections make up the human form.


Manikin Gesture Drawing


Humanizing the Basic Form

Humanizing the Basic Form

BASIC FORMS,structured on paper allows you to analyze your construction ability of the various parts of the body.

THINK SEPARATELY,each section that makes up the form and try to structure them as solid.

Using Various Shape Drawings

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