Good Understanding Of Anatomyis Essential

Pencil Sketches Easy

ALL MEASUREMENTS»must first be understood by the art i st » by sight.

to build form in some degree of order and proportion is not easy for all artists to do,but with the use of manikins this task of learning is made much easier.

Manikin Drawing How Proportion Good Drawing

no matter how you progress in developing a style of your own» the basic shape should and must be evident at all times to speed your delivery.

Manikin DrawingHow Draw Line Art That Moves Hand
Human Figure Perspective Drawing

ON THE HUMAN FORM,there are no placed markings that can be visually read to improve your placement.

How Draw Human Anatomy Poses
Basic Form

IDENTIFYING SHAPE,on surface form must be recognized,before you can use it in your construction.

Pencil Drawing EasyManikin Drawings Still Action Poses AnatomyElliptical Head DrawingGood Contour Drawing

CONTOUR DRAWING CANNOT BE ACHIEVED UNLESS the student has developed a good foundation so that his penciled hand can move across a surface»con struct ing with line an object,across which the mind's eye is traveling. contours can only be created when the mind's eye and the hand's co-ordination are one.

Action And Pose Animal Anatomy SketchHow Draw Action Poses Step Step
action and balance in that they can be drawn in a pose created from memory.
Constructive Drawing Simple Shapes

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