Body Construction In Drawing

cool calm 4\d cot\ ter balas ced

Action Gluteobiceps

dr.-í wa line from the pit of the neck to the pubic arch

Female Body Construction

the nose knows where the weight is follow your nose

^b! It IL ute 4l hand show you the way both legs support the weighi

I'111' liT


this leg supports the weigh!

trace this dra wing always establish where the weight is

trace this dra wing look for:

1) weight and balance

2) cal state cool

3) straight vs. curves


Body Construction Drawing

gesture is the life that you put into a dra wing

Pose Construction Drawing

do not be afraid to push the pose do notcop)

the modei.

run to the side plain the three shapes will give your dra wing structure run to the side plain

Body ConstructionBody Construction Anatomy

gesture construction gesture construction anatomy and technique

Gesture LineAnimes Sci Magic Coloring Page


Rhythm Anatomy Drawing

finished drawing big shape rhythms

Phibrows SketchPelvis Construction

that works best for you

Clivus Bone Anatomy

study trace draw


Pelvis Construction

until it becomes second na türe

more proportions rhythms angles

study trace draw learn

study trace draw learn

long neck



fat deposits

Body Construction Drawing


short neck wide ribcage straight pelvis narrow hips

Drawing The Human Rib CageProportions RibcageDrawing The Ribcage And Pelvis

three basic muscle groups

study trace drau' learn

Connect The Dots Joshua

connect the dots

Kids Body Drawing

memorize these landmarks


trace drau learn

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