The long tradition of self-portraiture among artists shows that the mirror gives us a very compelling viewpoint for a drawing. Part of the appeal of drawing yourself is practical - you always have a model available - but part lies in the challenge of marrying subjective and objective observation. Technically, you need to analyze what you see in the mirror and resolve it into line and tone, but emotionally, you are setting out to explore your self-image. Charcoal is an ideal medium for capturing the energy, personality, and rich detail of a self-portrait.


• Honeycomb textured pastel paper In pale duck egg blue

• Willow charcoal stick •Plastic eraser


• Smudging and blending tone

• Erasing to create highlights

The neckline provides a scaffold for the composition.

Charcoal sticks can make very precise lines.

Charcoal sticks can make very precise lines.

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