Reinforce the lines of the window frames using the sharpened 3B pencil. Smudge and blend tone, and take tone away, using the plastic eraser - carefully control the pressure to lift the tone selectively. Use the dirty plastic eraser to add smoky tone into the window areas to suggest the reflections of cloud.

Add soft, filamentous lines into the sky areas with the 9B graphite stick. Rub in and blend the marks, using your fingertip to create the wispy edges of the cloud. Use stronger, directional lines to indicate the darker sky - there's no need to be rigidly representational here.

▼ Art deco building

Both line and tone in this drawing have been built up by applying and then rubbing back the graphite medium. This repeated process is the only way to create a richness in the graphite drawing that effectively alludes to the complexity of real forms.

J2 Venetian vignette

Playing with the relationship between drawing and illusion, this whimsical project echoes the decorative silhouettes and vignettes of the Victorian period. Executed in water soluble blue ink, it relies on spontaneous gestural lines to portray a Venetian scene. Layered crosshatching depicts solid form, while wash applied with a brush provides a watery tone consistent with the subject matter. The drawing is finished by a decorative "frame" stenciled onto the paper with a colored pastel, giving the impresssion of a porthole into a romantic age.

Tracing the fluted edge of a plate helps create a more decorative stencil.

Tracing the fluted edge of a plate helps create a more decorative stencil.

Chalk Pastel Brush Techniques


• White drawing paper

• Thick cardboard

• Fine and medium blue water soluble fiber tip ink pens

• Fine sable brush

• Plastic eraser

• Ocher chalk pastel stick

• Aerosol fixative


• Haystacking (layered hatching) to create tone

• Releasing color

The shape of the subject emerges from multiple, faint, loose lines.

IMake the stencil. Use the HB pencil to draw an oval shape, about 8in (20cm) across its long axis, onto the thick cardboard. Embellish the top and bottom of the oval by drawing around a fluted plate. Cut out this shape with a knife, then trace around it onto the paper to make the stencil.

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