A broad dark ink wash is the perfect base for the spirograph snowflake-like forms in white ink, which float on the surface of this mysterious and evocative drawing - is it landscape or abstract pattern?

Process and ideas | 101

This drawing of a building, based on the conventions of architectural representation, is given a new edge by careful choice of media. The use of black and gold suggests power and gravitas, transforming the skeletal structure into a modernist temple.

A postcard of an old master painting is combined with other collage elements and placed in a surreal golden window that gives a view on to a stylized mountain. Formal perspective devices are used to create the illusion of an imaginary world.

toward animation

Experimenting with the ground of a drawing opens up new Made separately, the drawings can be overlaid to form an entirely new graphic possibilities; inspired by traditional animation, these logo-like image. Moreover, this drawing has an existence in time - moving the elements line images were drawn on to clear acetate. relative to one another creates a new visual experience each time.

Drawing as a continuous process

Drawing practice is an ongoing process, and as with all creative acts, the more you do the better you will get. All your efforts — even those that seem unsuccessful — contribute to your development. If you do not achieve your desired results, the answer may not be to move on to new subject matter, but to try different approaches, media, and compositions. Repetition and formal exercises can also be useful in unlocking your creativity.

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