Color the sky with the sky blue pastel stick. Work the pigment with your fingertip to create an area of smooth, flat color that recedes into the background.

11 Projected image | 117

Lightly rub back the dark purple lines with a plastic eraser to make them less harsh. Add futher texture to the background using the olive pastel stick.

▼ Projected image

Add more deep yellow tone to the kimono, blending the Bold compositional elements and dramatic human forms give tone with your finger. Outline the hands and margins of the robe with the dark purple pastel pencil - this contributes to the graphic character of the drawing.

this scene a real sense of theater. With the projection removing the need to measure and examine the subject, the drawing becomes more concerned with the quality of mark making.

12 Geometric construction

Using geometric forms in drawing hints at a utopian vision - a world of order and regular beauty. Nature too displays mathematical geometry in its forms - albeit in a more complex manner - and the combination of pure geometry with abstract natural form makes an intriguing subject in this drawing. Executed in colored pencil in a sensitive palette, the drawing begins with the tracing of a floral motif onto isometric graph paper, used by architects and engineers, and then explores the interaction of abstracted forms and colors.


Wrapping paper Carbon paper Isometric graph paper Sticking tape Ballpoint pen

Zinc yellow, light blue, water green, deep chrome, turquoise green, and soft plum colored pencils techniques

Pattern tracing Shading to create relief

Lay your chosen sheet of wrapping paper (or any other source of a natural pattern) over a sheet of carbon paper. Place these over a sheet of isometric graph paper and tape together. Trace the floral pattern with a ballpoint pen, which creates a strong but fine line.
Freehand Sketching Introduction

Geometric construction | 119

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Freehand Sketching An Introduction

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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