Rub the pastel with your fingertips to blend the color. Work away from the edge of the stencil outward. Carefully blow the excess pastel dust away from the stencil.

Gently lift the stencil from the drawing, ensuring that the pastel dust does not fall on to the image. Spray the drawing with a fixative to prevent the pastel from smudging.

▼ Venetian vignette

In this piece, ink combines with wash to create an atmospheric drawing, perfect for capturing travel memories. The stenciled frame draws the eye to the background, adding to the sense of depth.

Compisition Illusions

^Tropical scene

This colorful creation of a tropical scene is pure artifice, compiled from several different reference sources rather than a single photograph. The drawing is all about form, rhythm, and color, and is made up only of lines produced with water soluble crayons. The lines emphasize the curved, sensual shapes of the natural forms and separate them from one another. Using water to release pigment in the final stage of the drawing creates interest in the surface texture, and is always exciting for its unpredictable effects.

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