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This playfully expressive study of a standing figure is more decorative than analytical because it employs colored pencil on a colored background, rather than stark black on white. The focus of the drawing is the surface of the boldly-patterned dress and the pose of the model: color is used nonrepresentationally to emphasize the subject. Colored pencil allows very fine, delicate work — a degree of precision in mark making that creates a drawing that could not have been achieved using heavier pastels.


• Light blue-gray heavyweight watercolor paper

• Venetian red, white, rose pink, fuschia evergreen, sap green, and hazel colored pencils

• plastic eraser


Directional shading • Foreshortening the right arm is considerably foreshortened.

the right arm is considerably foreshortened.

capturing the model's weight distribution is key. _



Determine the weight of the pose, which runs through the head to the back foot, and provides the central axis for the drawing. Continue sketching to establish the basic shape of the model: make multiple fine lines, keeping your marks free and loose, until you "find" the form.

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