Cutting A Mount

Cutting your own mounts is relatively simple, but requires a little practice and good tools. You will need a cutting mat, a steel ruler, and a specialized cutter with its blade at a 45° angle.

Window mount The beveled edge of the cardboard mount creates a "step" into the drawing. By taking this step, the viewer becomes complicit in the illusion. The mount tightens the presentation and keeps the glass of the frame away from the drawn surface.

The drawing is trapped by the mount edge.

The natural and built environment is rich with spatial and textural inspiration that changes with the seasons and the time of day.

► Railway Yards at Moret-sur-loing

The atmosphere of a snowy day is captured perfectly by pastel marks, laid down on the paper in the same way that the snow rests on the land. The subject and the process are perfectly matched to create a harmonious drawing. Alfred Sisley

Fine pen and ink work captures the intricate detail of the foreground. The eye is drawn through the fence to the woody horizon, while the space left around the central area of the drawing alludes to the spaciousness of the open countryside. Unknown, Norwich School of Art and Design Drawing Archive

Art Deco Buildings NorwichArt Deco Buildings Norwich

1 Art deco building

This drawing is an exercise in one-point perspective (see p. 26) in which dynamic mark making is used to evoke a powerful architectural structure. The starting point is a photograph of an art deco building, taken from a deliberately low viewpoint to inject strong perspective into the composition. The building's form emerges from tone rather than line detail and the drawing is not intended to be overly representational; the tone is created through the bold use of graphite sticks and pencils.

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