The Modern Female Head

Same deal, different head, Proportionwise and placementwise, the structure is basically the same as that of a man. You've still got the skutl/jaw combo, and you tick off the horizontal guidelines in the same spots.

Now come the differences. Leave off the contour lines of the forehead in the finished drawing. Anything that articulates the bone structure of the face, such as

Contour Line FacesHuman Forehead Drawing

those forehead contour lines, makes her look more masculine, The exception is cheekbones, which are very sexy on women. The forehead should look totally smooth—not a wrinkle on it. Soften the angles of her jaw and chin. Raise the outside of her eyes slightly, Fill out the lips (as if you didn't already do that!), and ease up on the bridge of the nose or omit it entirely.

DrawingcomicsVery Sexy WomenAnatomy Female Head Drawing

Again, same deal as with the man. Notice the upturned nose. The upper lip has a slight overbite. It used to be that a big lower lip was sexy. Now the opposite is also considered sexy. Don't be afraid to let the forehead protrude slightly after the indent at the bridge of the nose. You don't want to make her look like Frankenstein's monster, but this protrusion is a natural part of the anatomy. If you treat it lightly, it'll look fine.

Comic Anatomy Female

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