5 Having drawn these up, so that I had some idea of what they should look like, I then arranged them across the page, as though they were all in the scene together. I put the two girls in close and at one end. Behind them, I placed the solitary young man. Immediately next to them were the first pair of dancers and they took up most of the centre space. Visible behind them, slightly smaller, were the other two jazz dancers. Finally, I put the slow-dancing couple on the end.

6 Behind these main figures, I showed silhouettes of people in the far reaches of the club. Of course, if the club was any good it would be very crowded, but the silhouette technique is a form of artistic licence, as my task would be all the harder if I had to put in many more bodies.

My next step was deciding both the medium and the colour to use. I chose pastel as the medium and decided to go for an atmospheric use of colour. So although I sketched in the local colour lightly to begin with, I allowed the tones of light and shade to dictate the colour values to me. In such a venue, anyway, the light would be very low, except for the strobe effects, which would dominate the scene.

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