1. The first is the most straightforward, someone sitting upright in a chair directly facing you. It's not very imaginative but may be used to show an uncompromising attitude, which might suit certain sitters.

2. The second is the relaxed pose of someone lying across a settee or sofa. A good horizontal shape that can look both elegant and casual.

3. The third position is difficult to obtain, because you have to be above the sitter and it relies on you having a higher level to work from. However, it is quite distinctive and so could create a lot of interest.

4. Next I show the sort of natural pose that anyone might take up, and these kind of positions do give a natural quality to the portrait.

5. The fifth one is much the easiest pose for the sitter to adopt, as long as you don't expect him or her to keep their arms above their head for too long.

6. This pose is rather stylised, reminiscent of those eighteenth- or nineteenth-century aristocratic figures.

7. This example shows one of the most natural positions for a portrait, where the sitter is dressed in their best clothes and enthroned in a chair. A sort of party piece.

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